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All Music is your resource for finding Arabic music & albums, Arabic singers, bands and musicians, and discovering new Arabic songs, top hits & releases in addition to fresh entertainment news from the Arab world and Middle East. 

As our brand name says "Listen Arabic", we focus on the Arabic society & Arab diaspora, culture and art. Listen to Radio ListenArabic – the online Arabic Music Radio Station Free  - available as free app for Android, iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry. We play non-stop Arabic music and sounds from the Middle East, broadcasting from Lebanon. We host the most listened to online radio show ListenArabic Chart of the Week" featuring top 10 Arabic songs every week on Saturday 7:00 PM Beirut time. The ranks of the songs are solely chosen according to the number and statistics of the most listened to song on our website and Arabic songs page: ListenArabic music; in other words, no voting takes place. You can always discover new music on, you can listen free and share with your friends. We do not host any mp3 files on our servers unlike other music websites. Listeners can enjoy Arabic music streaming for free without the need to download the songs. It is the generation of streaming music without the need to song download. We are always connected, so why do you need to illegally download music mp3 on your mobiles, tabs and desktops! Save space, and don't get along the bad habbit of acquiring and downloading songs free & illegally without paying any penny. We do not own any music and video found on our website, we use third party API. Read more on our copyright notice

At, we get inspired by the latest, hottest and trendiest events taking place in the music and entertainment industry in the Arab world. We share with you the latest & newest Arabic music, the best Arabic songs of all times, and we tell you about stories, events, festivals, and concerts as they happen. team is small and humble. We come of different backgrounds; we are marketers, engineers, editors, designers, and visionaries... looking to connect with our community of loyal listeners and fans. We are proud of attracting audience that do not understand not even one Arabic word, yet they find interest in the content we provide; and they get amazed by the oriental rythms and the way we blend the Arabic with western music, the way we are distinguished with our own classical and tarab music.


We support young talents and indie bands. We believe that anyone & any project shall start at a certain point; even if that point is so tiny that you can't see its possible success in the future.
We are strongly convinced that we cannot succeed unless we are doing what we love, and that we have fun in what we are doing. It's fun to discover new things everyday and we feel sometimes that we live in a never ending party – where music is all around us.


We are independent, no one can tell us what to do or what to write. We talk about everyone, we would love to host anyone at our premises; famous celebrities or whose names havent't been heard of ... We search for crazily weird Arabic songs and genres for different music tastes. We have over 100,000 visitors monthly that reach us from across the world. On Radio ListenArabic, we play the music that we like, and we support independent Arabic artists. Have our radio app with you anywhere you go, ListenArabic Radio app is free and we play Arabic music all the time. Download ListenArabic Radio App 


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Learn how to Play Oriental Oud - Free Video Lessons brought to you by

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